The Wealth Code Private Client Program

Wealth Code is a diagnostic process that supports individuals to grow their income and expand their wealth portfolios. 

Inherent to every individual is a Wealth Code; which is the way that a particular individual is designed to generate and amass wealth. When adhering to your wealth code, the act of generating wealth becomes more precise and efficient. 

Your Wealth Code contains your soul’s money blueprint and is accessed at soul level through your Akashic Records, your soul records. It contains vital information to support you to overcome financial blocks and build wealth.

Working with your Wealth Code is about taking a focused, aligned, and sustainable approach to building wealth. Everyone has the capability to generate wealth. Wealth Code supports you with the capacity and direction to do it. 

This exclusive program is for entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders who desire to:

Increase their income and assets

Change the trajectory of their financial future

Fully access the money that's waiting for them

If that's you, you might be the perfect match for the Wealth Code Private Client Program... keep reading.

How we use your Wealth Code to optimize your money-making and wealth building approach:

  • Align with your innate Wealth Code mindset to create the foundation for you to generate, grow, and preserve your wealth. 

  • Resolve internal conflicts, limiting beliefs, and patterns around money and wealth. Most importantly, leave contracted states of mind around wealth behind. 

  • Take the concrete, aligned steps to bring practices around money in alignment with your innate Wealth Code. 

  • Develop the additional wealth streams outlined in your Wealth Code to generate and grow your wealth portfolio. 

This isn't your vanilla "just change your mindset and feelings" about money program. This isn't ego driven. It's soul-driven.

This program is for the individuals who are ready to say yes to take their money and wealth creation to the next level.

Why Wealth Code?

The desires you have to take your income, financial portfolio, and wealth assets next level... there's a plan for that. In your soul's records live your blueprints for money and wealth generation. The key to wealth and money is a balance between the technical know how of making money and the energetics and soul alignment behind making money. When you fuse the energetic alignment and guidance of your soul records and the "how-to" of making money, you become a powerhouse with money and wealth.

What's in the Wealth Code Private Client Program?

The Wealth Code Private Client program is a 5 month private program which focuses on the following:

  • Understanding your soul's wealth blueprint and plans for financial prosperity

  • Releasing what is blocking you from allow that level of money and wealth into your life

  • Expanding your capacity for larger and larger amounts of money and wealth to come into your life

  • Shifting your current energetic alignment to your soul's energetic frequency and wealth blueprint

  • Implementing the changes that need to be made for you to be at the level of financial prosperity in your soul's wealth blueprint

Program Layout

Wealth Code Private Client starts with a Wealth Code Audit that looks over your soul's wealth blueprint that identifies the gaps between you and your soul's wealth blueprint. This is used a basis for what needs to be changed and is revisited monthly. All guidance comes from your soul's wealth blueprint, including implementation steps. This program includes money mindset work based on your Wealth Barriers so you can shift how you behave with money.

In addition, we do Wealth Capacity work to expand your energetic tolerance for greater amounts of money and wealth in your life.

We will meet 2 times per month for 1.5 to 2 hours to work on closing your gaps to accelerate you to your goals and you will have private access to Alexis between sessions for when you need additional support.

Wealth Code Private Client Program Application

Wealth Code Private Client is by application only. I work with 3-5 clients at time due to the intensity of the work.

To make sure we are a good match to work together, you will need to complete an application and then we will hop on a quick call to talk about the program. Once accepted you will have 72 hours to process your program payment (pay in full or initial payment plan payment).

About Alexis Logan

In May 2011, a colleague told me that she had an amazing session with a person who reads Akashic Records. I had never heard of the Akashic Records at that point. But once I heard the words, I knew I needed an experience. My session was like a homecoming. I was so elated, I gifted my sister a session. Then an opportunity came to learn how to read the Akashic Records and read for others as well. And, as they say, the rest is history!

I've been reading and teaching the Akashic Records for 11 years now. While I've studied other modalities and engaged in different spiritual practices, for me, nothing compares to Akashic Records work.

Through my experience and exploration in the Akashic Records, I've created different healing modalities, built different businesses and revenue streams (and helped others do the same), and I've manifested some really amazing experiences.

Wealth Code is a proprietary methodology I developed through the Akashic Records to help entrepreneurs, CEOs, and visionary leaders access their soul's wealth blueprint to accelerate their financial prosperity.

I believe the Records are a vast and limitless resource to support you to live an amazing life beyond what you think is possible. For me the Akashic Records are not just for receiving information, they are for healing and manifestation as well.

My programs are designed to support you to get the most from your Records so you get align with your soul's truth and create the life your soul's been asking for.