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Wealth Code is a diagnostic process that supports individuals to grow their income and expand their wealth portfolios. 

Inherent to every individual is a Wealth Code; which is the way that a particular individual is designed to generate and amass wealth. When adhering to your wealth code, the act of generating wealth becomes more precise and efficient. 

Your Wealth Code contains your soul’s money blueprint and is accessed at soul level through your Akashic Records, your soul records. It contains vital information to support you to overcome financial blocks and build wealth.

Working with your Wealth Code is about taking a focused, aligned, and sustainable approach to building wealth. Everyone has the capability to generate wealth. Wealth Code supports you with the capacity and steps to do it.

What Happens In The Wealth Code Audit?

The Wealth Code Audit a structured Akashic Record reading designed to provide you with information about your path to financial prosperity.

You will learn: 

  • Your soul money blueprint, which identifies your aligned yearly income at this current point in your life. 

  • Your most resonant wealth streams, in addition to your primary income stream + where to put your time, energy, and attention.

  • What’s keeping you from generating your ideal level of income and wealth, in the areas of behavior, mindset, and energetic frequency.

  • Next steps to begin taking action to elevate into your aligned level of income and wealth. 

  • This audit will include an assessment of your current offerings, business strategy, and additional offer possibilities to bring what’s waiting for you in your wealth code forward. 

This diagnostic process supports individuals to take focused, concrete action toward aligning with their innate wealth code to build wealth by providing an assessment of their current status and guidance about what to do to change it. 

The Wealth Code Audit is 90 minutes and includes a 30 minute follow up call.

*If you are looking to reshape your wealth consciousness, shift how you relate to money, or needing support to go to your next level of wealth, this session can be a first step, but that level of change requires longer term work, which is done through my Wealth Code Private Client Program.

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Akashic Records + Wealth Code Session Reviews

I was motivated to schedule a Wealth Code Session with Alexis because I knew I had a message to share and that there was value attached to it. However, there was great fear in fully embracing my message and my ability to share it and attach the appropriate value to my work.

I loved her nurturing nature and calm demeanor. The reading of my wealth code was extremely enlightening and somewhat overwhelming. I really appreciated that she gave me specific steps to take in order to move me closer to my goals. As a result of working with Alexis, I fully believe that I have the abilities and talents to generate/create the life of wealth that I've only dreamed about before.

I now I believe that I am able to create the business and the life that I desire. I've started taking the necessary steps that I had been hesitant to take. I'm more courageous and open to the wonderful possibilities awaiting me

The Wealth Code Session is perfect for someone who wants more from their business/life and can't figure out what is missing that is keeping them from achieving their goals.

Jennifer Takagi

I worked with Alexis to release my money story and be open to the potential of earning more. As a result of working with Alexa, I had a client pay in full for their 5 figure project. I've have a vision for my business that simply needs strategy to be implemented. What I love about working with Alexis, is the way she listened and clearly broke down the money issues and put things into a positive light. I recommend working if you’re afraid to make moves in your business due to money issues or are confused about the next steps to grow your business.

Sonaya Williams

I was motivated to work with Alexis after meeting her as a part of Katelyn Edgar’s mastermind retreat. As a result of working with Alexis, I feel I have clarity and direction in my business. She is clear and concise. The intuitive information she provides is relevant and on topic. Everything about working with her is easy. I recommend working with Alexis if you are looking for clarity on your next steps. You will get the answers you are looking for.

Peta Panos

"My Akashic Record reading was so validating and affirming for me. Alexis has a way of tapping into your soul - literally - and bringing to light the issues around which I needed clarity and support. From my romantic relationship to my deepest wounds to my business purpose, Alexis brought forward the parts of my past that I always thought were a concern and made it safe to allow me to listen to my soul's deep knowledge and learn where I need to focus my attention. Alexis is incredibly calming, wise, and kind - and her follow-up call helped me to integrate what I had learned from the reading which was critical. I would call on Alexis to do a reading for me again in a heartbeat!"

Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Working with Alexis is beyond powerful and I would list the experience as one of the most memorable and intimate encounters I've ever had. I describe the experience to friends as a fire-side chat with my soul where Alexis journeyed me down the path of a candid conversation that allowed me to both see and feel the connection of my past to my present.

After the reading, I felt connected and empowered to create my future with alignment to my truest essence and better understanding of my life's purpose. It's nothing short of your 'human' engaging in an intimate dance of dialogue with your 'being' in the most remarkable way that would not have been possible without the guidance and access Alexis is able to beautifully tap into. What a gift! Thanks Alexis!!

Bill Wroe

My reading with Alexis helped me understand some truths that were buried deep inside of me. She coaxed them out and coached me through them with grace and conviction. A block around my business was also reframed so I no longer saw it as an 'all-or-nothing' situation—which eased my stress considerably and helped me move forward! If you are new to the area of personal soul work, I recommend a session with Alexis—she demystifies the process and shines a light on information that can bring greater clarity to many areas of your life!

Wendy Simard,

About Alexis Logan

In May 2011, a colleague told me that she had an amazing session with a person who reads Akashic Records. I had never heard of the Akashic Records at that point. But once I heard the words, I knew I needed an experience. My session was like a homecoming. I was so elated, I gifted my sister a session. Then an opportunity came to learn how to read the Akashic Records and read for others as well. And, as they say, the rest is history!

I've been reading and teaching the Akashic Records for 11 years now. While I've studied other modalities and engaged in different spiritual practices, for me, nothing compares to Akashic Records work.

Through my experience and exploration in the Akashic Records, I've created different healing modalities, build different businesses and revenue streams (and helped others do the same), and I've manifested some really amazing experiences.

I believe the Records are a vast and limitless resource to support you to live an amazing life beyond what you think is possible. For me the Akashic Records are not just for receiving information, they are for healing and manifestation as well.

My readings are designed to support you to get the most from your Records so you get align with your soul's truth and create the life your soul's been asking for.

It's an honor for me to support you as reader and/or teacher!