There are those who sit on the sidelines and those who create their lives.

Who are you going to be?

What if I told you that you could have what you desire within the realms of wealth, health, sex and relationships in the next 6-9 months?

You’re probably looking at me like, what are you talking about Alexis?

What do you mean?

Is that even real?

Just from working in my Akashic Records?

Well the Akashic Records that, you know, you probably can’t, but I am here to tell you that there’s more to the Akashic Records than what you’ve been taught, what you think, and what’s been laid out on the surface.

This is not your vanilla Akashic Records program. Most Akashic Records programs teach you how to access your Records and how to read your Records. Maybe you’ll learn a few processes that you can use to do some basic healing or conduct a basic healing session for another person.

Newsflash your Akashic Records are more than just a booty call for when you need some information. There’s so much more to Akashic Records. You have access to the biggest creation resource - your soul records - which contain guides, blueprints, and support that if you act and apply this information to your life you will see the manifestations you’ve been desiring for so long.

It’s time to stop playing footsie with your greatest asset available to you.

Let me teach you how to work effectively with your Akashic Records to manifest your desires and create the life you want.

Pre-requisites for joining Akashic Records Mastery

Must have taken SoulFREQ™ Akashic Records 1 course OR:

Know how to access your Akashic Records

Have done basic work (downloading info, some healing work etc) in the Akashic Records.

Welcome to Akashic Records Mastery

Akashic Records Mastery is a 6 month live program that moves you from casual voyeur to skilled creator of your life. You will activate the part of your soul that is very in tune with your desires, knows exactly what to do, and takes action to make it happen.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Akashic Records Mastery:

  • Akashic Body Healing - the art of self-healing. Understand how to shift the body’s energies to create healing.
  • Navigating Relationships + Sex - the art of creating healthy, nourishing relationships. Shift how you relate to and with the world. Create supportive relationships in your life.
  • Wealth Code - the art of money and wealth creation. Clean up your relationship with money and became masterful with financial prosperity.
  • Soul Frequency - art of manifesting what you desire when you desire. Know the frequency of your soul and understand how you manifest from your core.
  • Practical approaches to working in the Records so you can ground the information you receive into practical application.
  • How do develop your own healing protocols, methodologies, and blueprints for success.

By the end of this program, you will carnal knowledge and intimate relationship with your soul and your soul’s Record Keepers. You will have no excuses as to why you cannot have the things you say you want. You’ll have what you need to create at will.

You are more powerful than you ever thought and at the end of 6 months, you’ll know that for yourself.

This program is limited to 10 students.

Akashic Records Mastery Program Layout

Month 1

Soul Frequency Re-Calibration - The first month we work on calibrating your soul's frequency with your body, reviewing basic Akashic Record practices, and expanding your capacity for channeling your Akashic Records.

Month 1

Soul Frequency Re-Calibration - The first month we work on calibrating your soul's frequency with your body, reviewing basic Akashic Record practices, and expanding your capacity for channeling your Akashic Records.

Month 3

Wealth Code Part 1 - I teach you how to access and work with your soul's wealth blueprint and apply the blueprint to your life. You will learn how to break the financial patterns that are not working for you, change your relationship with money, and elevate your wealth consciousness to change your life.

Month 4

Wealth Code Part 2 - The second month focuses on manifesting through your wealth blueprint and applying the changes that need to happen to change your financial reality. You will learn how to bridge the information into real life action to transform your reality.

Month 5

Sex & Relationships Part 1 - Your environment is crucial to your ability to thrive. You will learn how to create a relational environment that supports you as a person to grow and be even more deeply aligned with your soul. This month focuses on the relationships that are not aligned, inner child work and healing, and clarifying the types of relationships you need in your life to activate your soul's purpose and vision in the world.

Month 6

Sex & Relationships Part 2 - This month goes further into realigning your romantic and friendship relationships, boundaries, the concept of right relationship with yourself and others, and sex magick for manifestation and healing purposes. By the end of this session, you will know how to reshape your relationships so they are supportive of who you are.

In addition to the program, you will receive access to:

  • A private Voxer group that comes with this program for support between training sessions and q&a sessions if you have questions or need feedback.
  • Bonus content - There are bonus trainings in jumping timelines and creating a quantum leap and shadow work.
  • A series of capacity expansions that will help you channel more of your soul's frequency through your soul records.

Akashic Records Mastery

Starts June 13th and completes December 13th

The investment for this program is $6500.

When you sign up by June 1, 2022,

you can join the program for $5555.

When you pay in full, you will receive one private session with Alexis that you can use for anything you desire.

Here’s what people are saying about Akashic Records Mastery

I signed up for this program specifically because I knew you would bring both lots of expansion and possibility in the soul realms as well as ground it into the human, practical, lived experience.

Here's what I loved about Akashic Records Mastery... Being able to stay consistent in connecting with my records and exploring with curiosity, even in a busy season of life and even with fears and old programming coming up. I feel like I found a haven and playground for my soul's potential that I get to experience for the rest of my life!

I feel ease writing sales pages and sharing programs, and feeling much more in co-creation with my business and creativity. A lot of support in working through anxiety related to changes and shifts in my body and business, along with feeling more permission to go at my own pace. Starting to experience a consistency in my healing and clearing process, and increased confidence in energy work and soul connection.

Kate Marolt,

Alexis is an incredible teacher! She holds a firm and loving space that gives you the confidence to know you will succeed in accessing your guides and to trust that your way of doing it is perfect for you.

During the training I felt deeply held, understood and seen. She brings a wealth of knowledge accumulated over a decade of teaching and working in the Akashic Records combined with a fierce commitment to her student's success. She is a master in this modality and brings not only that depth of knowledge to her students learning to access the Akashic Records but she also complements her teaching with guidance in her own bodies of work (Heal Your Body Story and Wealth Code) to support you in having even deeper breakthroughs and healing in the Akashic Records.

I have channeled an entire body of work directly from my Akashic Records:

  • The Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes and two books (first one coming out Jan 2022.
  • Through accessing my Records, I also learned to implicitly trust and to act on my intuition.
  • I have pursued big dreams such as moving to San Diego where I met and married my husband
  • I shifted my business to work with world-changing women business owners.
  • I healed deep wounds at soul level, now hold firmer boundaries, have become more resilient courageous in my life and relationships.

I could not have had a more perfect guide to help me step into my personal power and deepen my spiritual connection. She holds a firm and loving space that gives you the confidence to know you will succeed in accessing your guides and to trust that your way of doing it is perfect for you.

Priscilla Stephen,

Although I was confident about accessing the Records before the training what really shifted through training was the depth of the experience - you gave us a great structure and the experiences were really helpful!

The training made a huge difference. I went from being in kindergarten to high school. I look forward every day to see what the question is and the level of guidance has really made an impact. It was a substantial amount of exercises and each was valuable. Alexis is a great trainer!

Linda Dolan


1. Who is Akashic Records Mastery for?

Akashic Records Mastery is for practitioners who are ready to go into intermediate and/or advanced training. You've read at least 20 hours for yourself, you use the Records to support your life, and you are ready to take your studies further. You love working in the Akashic Records and you want to bridge the gap into practical application to create the life you desire.

If you read for others, this course will help you deepen the work you do in those sessions.

2. What's the difference between Akashic Records 1 and Akashic Records Mastery?

Akashic Records 1 is for students who do not know how to access their Akashic Records. If you know how to access your Akashic Records and have some experience working in the Records, this course is not for you. You need to enroll in Akashic Records Mastery.

3. How much is Akashic Records Mastery?

Akashic Records Mastery is a 6 month program that is taught live. The investment for the course is $6500, but until June 1, you can enroll in course for $5555 and there is a payment plan.

4 . Have a question that has not been answered here?

Email questions to

About Alexis Logan

Hi, my name is Alexis Logan.

I've been reading Akashic Records and teaching Akashic Records over the last 10 years. My work in the Akashic Records is focused on skills development and mastery.

My personal experience of the Akashic Records and the changes that have happened in my life through my own experimentation have shown me the massive support available to us through the use of our soul records.

The Akashic Records are an amazing resource for support, healing, and manifestation. When approached with a clear of understanding of the limitless possibilities available to you, you understand using your Akashic Records moves you into the role of creator of your life.

My role as a teacher is , first, to help you develop your relationship with your Akashic Records. Second, teach you how to navigate the Records with different practices and intermediate and advanced frameworks. Third, help you uncover your path with the Records so you can access your magick and potential fully.

In the Akashic Records Mastery I help you learn how to work in your Akashic Records effectively to manifest what you desire in your life.