Learn How To Access Your Most Potent Asset To Change Your Life

Accessing Your Akashic Records Is Having Full Access To Your Soul.

It’s coming home to you in all the ways you can be home in your soul and in your skin.

It’s one of your greatest superpowers for healing, manifesting, and creating what you desire in life.

The Akashic Records are a vast database and information superhighway about you…

Your life lessons, soul purpose, gifts, talents, missions, history, development, blueprints for success…

Across all dimensions, planes, and times… Past, present and future… All in one place.,,

They are vast and deep.


They can be overwhelming to access, utilize, and navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The Akashic Records are a powerful asset in your life, which is why learning with a strong foundation from the beginning is paramount to your skills development over time.

This is the first step to become a powerful creator and force of nature in your life.

If you’ve been desiring to learn how to access your Akashic Records and utilize your soul's resources fully in your life,

this course might be for you.

While everyone has the ability to access their Akashic Records,

not everyone is prepared to access to their Akashic Records.

Before you sign up, you’ll need to have some skills under your belt.

1. Do you know your intuitive language and how your intuition communicates with you?

2. Do you use your intuition regularly in your life? Do you make decisions from your intuition already?

3. Can you discern shifts in energy? Can you tell the difference between different energetic frequencies?

If you answered yes to all those questions, you have the skills to access your Akashic Records.

If you answered no, these are the skills to develop before signing up for this course,

so you can access your Akashic Records with confidence and certainty.

*This to help you access your Akashic Records with ease and confidence.

I've found students without a strong intuitive foundation have more challenges accessing their Records than those who do not. Other teachers just want bodies in their courses. I want you to succeed.

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Alexis Logan.

I've been reading Akashic Records and teaching Akashic Records over the last 10 years. My work in the Akashic Records is focused on skills development and mastery.

My personal experience of the Akashic Records and the changes that have happened in my life through my own experimentation have shown me the massive support available to us through the use of our soul records.

The Akashic Records are an amazing resource for support, healing, and manifestation. When approached with a clear of understanding of the limitless possibilities available to you, you understand using your Akashic Records moves you into the role of creator of your life.

My role as a teacher is , first, to help you develop your relationship with your Akashic Records. Second, teach you how to navigate the Records with different practices and beginner frameworks. Third, help you uncover your path with the Records so you can access your magick and potential fully.

In the Akashic Records 1 Course I help you access your Records, build your relationship, and give you basic processes to start using your Akashic Records effectively from the beginning.

Introducing The SoulFREQ™ Akashic Records 1 Course

The SoulFREQ™ Akashic Records 1 course is not a vanilla - just learn to read your Records - Akashic Records self-study course.

You're going to get up close and personal with your soul truth, your true capacity to create and shape your life experiences according to your soul's desire, and your ability to heal from past wounds + traumas to own the future waiting for you.

Specifically, you will learn how to access and read your Akashic Records, utilize basic healing techniques, and access your basic manifesting process.

The course is heavy on practice and there is a lot of hands-on learning as you follow along in the training.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn in the course:


About the Akashic Records

Akashic Records History

Traditional Uses of The Akashic Records

Where the Akashic Records Exist

Anatomy of the Soul

How the Akashic Records Operate

Keys To Opening Your Akashic Records


How to Access Your

Akashic Records

Understanding your intuitive language

How your Records will communicate with you in the beginning (this can shift over time)

The process to access your Akashic Records

5 Practice sessions to access your Akashic Records

How to Formulate Questions to get the best information


Healing And Clearing In The Akashic Records

10 Clearing Practice sessions on the following topics:

Energy hooks and cords

Inner child healing

Sacred Vows

Past Lives

Karmic Debts

Various types of programming (generational, imprinting, implants)

Interpersonal Relationships


The Basics of Manifesting

The basics of manifesting with

the Akashic Records

How to work with the Akashic Records

to manifest what you desire

Using the principles of alignment to accelerate manifesting

The Simple Manifesting Process you can use

to build your own manifesting process


The 30 Day Integration

Section 5: 30 Day Practice

Each day for 30 days you will work on 3 questions in your Akashic Records to practice reading and healing/clearing in your Akashic Records. The goal is to help you build at least 10 hours of self-inquiry practice within the first 30 days of learning to access your Akashic Records.

The course is designed to be completed within 2-3 days and followed by a practice integration, where you practice what you learned over a 30 day period. This 30 day period is very important to develop capacity and relationship with your Akashic Records.

Monthly Q&A

In addition to this digital course, you will have access to monthly live Q&A sessions so you can receive support and feedback.

SOULFREQ™ Akashic Records 1 Course

$200 or 2 payments of $111 (2 weeks apart)

What They Loved About Akashic Records 1

Going in and out of the records so many times! I felt super confident by the time we were through and like I had a lot of techniques and questions to play with. I also really appreciated the background and lineage part at the beginning.

I felt very solid with connecting to my records. I feel super supported and love the daily prompts and direction to go into my records.

Kate Marolt, www.katemarolt.com

Although I was confident about accessing the Records before the training what really shifted through training was the depth of the experience - you gave us a great structure and the experiences were really helpful!

The training made a huge difference. I went from being in kindergarten to high school. I look forward every day to see what the question is and the level of guidance has really made an impact. It was a substantial amount of exercises and each was valuable. Alexis is a great trainer!

Linda Dolan

It was so thorough! This training is exactly what I needed.

I had a desire to learn this modality from a Black Woman who would understand my unique challenges and viewpoints. Alexis has helped me understand how to use the records in a way that fits my energetic makeup.

Famira Green, www.famiragreen.com


1. How long is the course?

This is a digital, self-study course. You will get immediate access to all course materials when you sign up. The first part of the course is designed to be completed over a 2-3 day period and then there is a 30 day integration plan set up for you to use the principles you were taught in the first part.

Overall, you should be done with this course in 30 days and ready for the training, Akashic Records Mastery.

2. What's the difference between Akashic Records 1 and Akashic Records Mastery?

Akashic Records 1 is for students who do not know how to access their Akashic Records. If you know how to access your Akashic Records and have some experience working in the Records, this course is not for you. You need to enroll in Akashic Records Mastery.

3. How much is Akashic Records 1?

Akashic Records 1 is $200 and there is a 2-pay option if you need it.

4 . Will I be able to access my Akashic Records if I take this course?

As long as you meet the requisite skillsets outline above prior to your enrollment in the course, you should have no issues accessing your Akashic Records. This course is very heavy on practice. You will have MANY exercises to do that involve going into the Records to do different things. Plus, you'll hear other people's experiences as they did the exercises too to have a sense the range of experiences with the Akashic Records.

5 . Have a question that has not been answered here?

Email questions to team@soulfreq.com.