The Ultimate Keys To Your Success?

It's NOT about what you know.

It’s about how much you allow yourself to live in the ecstasy of your soul’s expression and true knowledge of what’s really possible for your life.

Your unique soul frequency holds all the answers you need to succeed.

I help you attune to your soul’s frequency and take action from that place of knowing to achieve your vision.

It’s more than co-creation.

It’s allowing what’s already there to appear.

The biggest myth about co-creation is the belief you’re creating something that doesn’t exist. False! Everything you want to achieve… you’ve already done. The knowledge of how to do it in your current reality lies in allowing your soul frequency to inform and guide your steps.

But this isn’t new.

You've played with your frequency before. You know this already. You’ve dreamt it. You’ve seen it in your meditations. You’ve had bits of this knowledge come to you off and on. You’ve acted upon the knowledge at times and then chalked it up to being “luck” or a fluke. You’ve used it when you felt you could trust it. You've glimpsed the power you hold inside.

But you haven't mastered it quite yet...

Now you're here in this moment because you can't live without it. You've tried and it doesn't work for you. You've come to the understanding your divinity cannot be separate from your humanity. You've recognized your ambition is fueled more by your inner desire to see the vision manifest than the material gain. Money and wealth is still important just not #1 on your list. The way you’ve done life and business isn’t going to work anymore. You know it’s time for a clean break.

You’re in the right place.

Hi I'm Alexis Logan...

and I walk to the beat of my soul’s drum. Which I admit, at times…. well most of the time… is scary. That being said, it leads me down the most interesting adventures, brings me prosperity in many ways, and continues to stretch me into greater heights of success.

What’s really important to me about this work is following my soul’s desired experiences for this lifetime. AND… my soul wants BIG experiences. Does yours?

I am a certified Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher and I have a Masters Degree in Social Work. Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs and leaders in various stages from startup to preparing for multi-million dollar ventures.

I will tell you a secret. What paves the way to cross the gap between where you are and where you want to be has nothing to do with force, pressure, or beating yourself up to move forward. That path leads to burnout, pain, and disappointment.

Living in the vibrational frequency (and knowledge) of your soul is what gets you across the gap and on your most aligned path forward.

This looks like letting go of what’s holding you back, getting out of the fog of what’s not working, getting real about what you really want, and HEALING what needs to be laid to rest.

This is what I help you do because once you’re free your energy shifts, your vibration lifts, and your life + business start moving in new, amazing ways.

Are You Ready To Be A SoulFreq™?

SoulFreq™ is a term I use for highly motivated, ambitious individuals who know their frequency is vital to their success.

If that's you AND you want support to learn how to wield your soul frequency to your greatest advantage, apply to work with me.

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